Saturday, July 16, 2005

Elixirs of Life

Brenton Woods - Gimme Little Sign.mp3

I scammed my roommate's CD the other night. He's pre-maturely old, and proud of it, preferring the golden apples of yesteryear to the lead uhh crab apples of today, which almost goes without saying when you find out that he's a long-time Mojo Magazine subscriber. Anyway, In Honour of Danny Finkleman (and his 45s), who has departed the CBC, sadly, and my roommate, who exhibits some of the curmudgeonly aspects of Mr. Finkleman (though with a little less banter)... "#9 on the charts in 1967, here's a thick slice of soul."

Mr. Wood's homepage is one of the better designed ones I've seen in a while. There's an earnestness whose appeal is difficult to deny - "hey, I'm floating in a zoot suit amongst 3-D musical notes!"

Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni.mp3

My friend JR sent me this mp3 a couple of days ago in hopes that I might be able to track down some of her records, it's from a compilation put out here in Montreal titled Freak Out Total Volume 3, and it's a thumping, marching rendition of a traditional Indian song, beloved by youthful campers, tastefully accentuated with sitars, guitars and maybe xylaphones. This one's for my people!


Optimus said...

I've got that first track on LOCK. Pretty catchy.

Jay Watts III said...

I should put Oogum Boogum up, too - I think it was his breakthrough track...

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