Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Hot In The Gasolina, The Dogs Are Crazy In Love.

There are certain things that pass me by completely - I consider myself pop-culture savvy - I read the Globe and Mail at least two or three times a week, peruse the weekly newspapers here in Montreal, spend more than my fair share of time on the internet, but it's becoming more and more apparent to me that I'm missing some crucial bits of information. Like, for example, what is the 2005 summer song? In past year's we've been Crazy In Love, noticed that it was, indeed Hot In Herre, and asked Who Let The Dogs Out?. Is it Daddy Yankee's La Gasolina? And the yellow and white bracelets - as far as I can gather these little silicon strips have something to do with ending poverty or abstaining from pre-marital sex? WWJD?

Deja Voodoo - Bound For Glory.mp3
Deja Voodoo - Jungle Out There.mp3

I was never big on the Constellation Records scene - the melodramatic crescendos and dirges and drab colour schemes, the played-out politics and sensible shoewear, I mean, that Sofa record had some real promise, but they
followed another path altogether, so prior to my moving to Montreal, the most enjoyable band I could think of from la belle province was Deja Voodoo, the two piece comprised of drummer Tony Dewald (now living in Vancouver) and guitarist and vocalist Gerard Van Herck (now a linguistics prof in Ottawa). Bo Diddley + VU + Cramps + Bauhaus with nary a soothsaying First Persons voice-over in sight, thank God!

I'm having problems coming to terms with Danny Finkleman's departure from CBC Radio, especially after hearing that Randy Bachmann is slated to be (or already has been put in as) his replacement. This is about as crushing a blow to my faith in the CBC as Brent Bambury's departure from Brave New Waves was. The CBC is becoming a haven for the rejects of Moses Znaimer's crystal palace and the stale halls of Cancon, for Christ's sake, and even Ross Porter's gone! Anyone who has any copies of Finkleman's 45s on cassette please get in touch.


Tyler Fedchuk and Paul Devro said...

What's this, Danny Finkleman's leaving!? That's totally gay, even though I am always at work when finkleman's 45's are on so I never hear it anymore. But I take some saturday night's off and it's nice to hear the old coot bitch about bottled water.

I think the yellow bracelets are for Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation "livestrong." I don't know about the white ones, I'm with you on the end sex/wwjd tip.

Anonymous said...

Any luck finding cassettes of Danny Finkleman ? I had some, might be able to find them.

Anonymous said...

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