Sunday, November 14, 2004

"What for the documentary film?" / "What for the Youth?" / "What for the Toronto Media Professional?"

The 7th annual Recontres internationales du documentaire de Montreal is still on until Sunday, November 21st... With the exception of a documentary on tree-planters, tomorrow looks like as promising a day as any other to check the offerings out. More info on the page, of course.

Until September of 2005, the McCord Museum of Canadian History will be exhibiting Growing Up In Montreal, exploring "the daily lives of young urban-dwellers in the last century", and more than likely not mentioning the formation of Vice Magazine. A fine companion for that is the NFB film, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen, now available on DVD. Cohen walks and stalks the streets of his native Montreal in the early 1960s, speaking in a clipped and delicate manner, discussing his love of latenight dining at Ben's Montreal Deli.

A Candid Photograph of Members of Canada's Media Cabal

Interns, students, job-hunters and cranky bloggers have only two days left to plan their infiltration of the MediaBistro's Drinks for Toronto Media Professionals shindy. Smoking pot in the bathroom with Heather Mallick, a Merlot-soaked fracas with Leah McLaren, round-table discussion on Barbara Amiel's oral sex techniques, Evan Solomon and jello shooters? Hit the page up and falsify references for a splendid Tuesday evening.

Vancouver artist Mark DeLong now has a website!

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