Thursday, November 25, 2004

Guilty, Guilty Pleasures

I have to admit something that's been burdening my soul as of late - I've only been candid about it with my girlfriend, and she's mocked me for it (Deriding it as "such a European pop song.") After at first dismissing them, I've become quite enamored with France's Phoenix. I fell in love with the "Holdin On Together" track off of their most recent album, Alphabetical. Very slick R&B production, polished pop motifs, percussive sandpaper. I didn't give them much of a listen, but I remember Steve Bays being a huge admirer of The Push Kings, and though I loathed it at the time, I think it sounded a bit like this. Maybe I should give them another try, too.

Holding On Together.ram

Roman Coppola (son of Francis, director of the stylistically confusing but somewhat entertaining "CQ") directed a video for "Everything Is Everything," linked here in Real Audio Format.

They'll be heading to our Francophobic trading partners to the south, the United States at the end of this month, with (unfortunately) no scheduled dates in Canada. They've been adding new dates quite frequently, though, so ashamed Montrealers may be offered the opportunity to indulge themselves.

Sorry for the lack of mp3s, I'll try to put one up in the next couple of days...

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Anonymous said...

there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure! and even if there was, phoenix wouldn't even count! have you heard their first album UNITED?