Wednesday, November 17, 2004

W Hotel whatnot.

Last night was the grand opening of the W Hotel in Old Montreal. Fittingly housed in the old Bank of Canada building, where they incinerated the money. 1000 people plus tossing back far too many cocktails and glasses of champagne at the open bars, oysters and pastries upstairs. One gentleman, positioned by the Oyster bar, told me in heavily accented French, that this was "the place to be in Montreal," and I nodded while my companion Derek berated him with anecdotes about the difficulty of novel writing. (Derek later passed out on the couch in the Wunderbar and was helpfully escorted outside, where he tried to force his way into a Hummer).

And tonight I'll be DJing there - from around 10:30 till 3:30 or so, dropping the post-punk/new-wave/hip-hop/soul/psych/garage pastiche mix you've heard every night out for the past two years or so. 901 Square Victoria.

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