Thursday, November 11, 2004


Lagoons, swaddled babe of proud father David Lindquist (and step-papa Etienne Alexander), redefines the omnipresent lo-fi bedroom aesthetic (brings it outdoors, lets it breathe, run around, get some sunshine), smothers it in a despondent and morose new-wave fog (in the vein of The Cure's "Disintegration") and then revives it with airy synthesizers and studio trickery culled from the back catalogue of Lee Perry. Add to that some of the psych-pop allusions of the Bevis Frond, some cabaret leanings, and the listener finds her or himself knee-deep in some moody, evocative swamp. Barely out of the starting gates (Lagoons has been around only since this summer), if the duo manages to board the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay ferry route every now and then to prostelyze and convert, there should be little lacking for the group in the way of appreciative fans or fawning critics. One imagines a natural kinship with Vancouver's My Project: Blue, who also have V. Island origins.

The group's next performance is later this month (November 27th) in Victoria, BC at the Gary Oak Room, with The Redscare and Pushing Up Daisies.

Lagoons - Our Love Is True.mp3
Lagoons - Bathroom Wall.mp3


Anonymous said...

liked it alot!


David Lindquist said...

thank you francis, Lagoons loves you. We love all music lovers.. makes no sense? okay.


protectthisone@hot----yah u got it