Sunday, November 21, 2004


If memory serves me correct, I believe that Future Proof off of Massive Attack's 100th Window samples the below Durutti Column song, Smile In The Crowd." I only managed to hear the album once, while incredibly stoned in the back of an acquaintance's sports-car, riding to Nanaimo. My friend Bill Stuart (he of Victoria's Monday Magazine) had driven me and another fellow up, but his car broke down prior to the end of the Malahat, and after finding our way to a bizarre country-inn, the other fellow arranged for myself and him to get a ride from his brother to Nanaimo. After foolishly agreeing to have some of the marijuana the two were smoking, I sat paralyzed in the back of the car, feeling a little too freaked out by the Massive Attack album and the speed of the car. I couldn't recall how to get to Ken's place, so I had them drop me off in a mall parking lot close to his house. It took me an hour to cross the parking lot (which wasn't that big), and I only credit my making it at all to there being a Dairy Queen on the other side. I don't really smoke marijuana. Obviously...

Durutti Column - Smile In The Crowd.mp3

...And on the nostalgic tip, here's a Ride track. I came to Ride a little late, and in a little untraditionally - while living in Victoria, I picked up a copy of Carnival of Light, that most critically reviled of their albums, (split in half between the two feuding songwriters) at Ditch Records and immediately became fixated on it. At this point I've subjected too many of my friends (and neighbouring strangers) to an extended monologue on the beauty and sublime nature of this album, so I won't repeat myself, but if you're a Ride fan and have out-of-hand dismissed the album, I urge you to re-examine it.

Ride - Going Blank Again.mp3
Ride - Vapour Trail.mp3

I happened upon some Yoko Ono mp3s on Rhetoricpig... Stuff from 1983, I can't link to the post directly, so I'll link to the mp3s below, but you should really go check out the website, too.

It's Alright.mp3
Wake Up.mp3
Let The Tears Dry.mp3
Dream Love.mp3
I See Rainbows.mp3

I didn't manage to get to the St. Henri vernissage last night for Matt & Jim's household creation (with the Sons of Warsaw: Bartek and Krzysztof DJing), but it's around for quite some time yet. There's a story in the most recent Mirror's Arts section.

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