Sunday, November 28, 2004

100-sided Die & Die Tödliche Doris

Last night's event, the first ever at the 100-Sided Die, was pretty fun all in all, though still suffering from a hangover I wasn't able to muster up enough energy to stick around for the post-performance iTuned dance party. Another time, perhaps. Wolf Parade was the highlight of the night, of course, but a rejuvenated AIDSWolf pulled off an impressive performance, specifically in comparison to their splinter group, Cousins of Reggae, who performed prior to them. Uninspired and banal, self-indulgent noise that brings to mind just what you think when I type that. Of course, a noise band is possibly the easiest target for off-handed criticism (the exact sort of criticism I specialize in, in fact). Though the genre's barnhouse is packed to the rafters with black-clad misanthropes, largely indifferent (perhaps hostile) to the opinions of anyone other than their own cardre of friends, they're still desperately seeking post-humous recognition for their groundbreaking grade 11 band's debut, hopefully in the form of a re-issue with liner notes by Thurston Moore or Byron Coley.

I snapped some photographs of Wolf Parade, which I'll post when I get around to developing the roll. They played one request, the NewMusicCanada favourite Dinner Bells and a couple of new songs, which were more than likely debuted on their West Coast dates earlier this month.

The Tödliche Doris, early to mid-80s group of German avant-garde noise no-wavists... Grew out from the Throbbing Gristle/ENB mold into something uniquely their own, reaching a pinnacle with the release of a 1986 LP "Seches" (Six) meant to be played along with the 1984 LP "Unsichtbare" (Our Debut), which was thematically about an ambitious pop/new-wave group's Faustian bargain. Of mention before that was the 1983 "Chöre & Soli" release - a package of 8 toy records (sparse, elliptical recordings of children's songs) along with a battery-powered "miniphone" device that played the records (photographed above). Jesus...

Die Tödliche Doris - Der Tod ist ein Skandal.mp3 from their 1981 cassette "Das typische Ding."

Stümmel mir from the untitled LP, released in 1982.

Not True from the 1986 "Seches" LP.

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