Friday, April 02, 2004


The Observant Goldkicks reader might be preparing for Passover, buying the Matzoh and Massor, anticipating a week of baking under the 18 minute rule for Chametz, brushing up on her or his Haggadah reciting skills.

our weekend
Friday - upper Eastside birthday soiree for a photographer, an English lit student and Sir Braithwaite. (GOT TOO STONED / WENT HOME EARLY)
Saturday - Weird War @ Le Salon (GOT TIPSY / STAYED LATE)
Sunday - Ol' Time Relijun (w/ Lenin I Shumov & American Devices) @ Casa Del Popolo (STAYING HOME TO READ A BOOK)
Monday - Seripop art opening (w/ DJing by NIREVERSE) @ Casa Del Popolo


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