Monday, April 05, 2004

Well, it probably wasn't the best time to be recording an album - Fuck Me USA was in the process of disintegrating, along with my long-term relationship and any love I had for Vancouver... Nonetheless, Colin Stewart of the Hive was a genius of sorts behind the console, ably guiding our rotting vessel through the choppy waters. You'll probably never hear the album (Christ, even I haven't!), but there are plenty of other bands that the Hive's worked with and will be working with that you'll hear a lot from in the next while. Black Mountain (formerly Jerk With A Bomb) will be recording and Baron Samedi, Esq. finished up their album a couple of months ago, which won't be available for a little while yet.

Vancouver might be an agonizing place to watch your life fall apart in (as compared to say Vienna or something), but there's a lot of great bands/musicians in the city...

Hive Studios & Hive-Fi Recordings (live recording of the Walkmen at Zulu Records can be found under the LIVE section on the Hive site)

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