Friday, April 09, 2004

New-wave Vancouver band The Organ will be performing tonight at Richards on Richards with Toronto's The Metric (who, truthfully, I have little taste for - seems to me that most groups scrambling about the Rough Trade/Factory Records vaults east of the rockies in Canada are almost totally inept at it)... They've got a new album out "Grab That Gun," the original recording of which couldn't be salvaged from the overbearing production overdubbing and of an unnamed New Pornographer with delusions of Spector and had to be re-recorded. (This uber-producer probably not all that angered by the re-recording, expecting that in 10-15 years his legacy will be assured when the tapes are discovered, released by Rykodisc and his heavy hand is praised to high-heaven by the indie-press of the day...)

The after-party's at Shine, rapidly becoming the 4AM-friendly den of choice for the Vancouver kids exhausted with slumming it in the squalid dives of East Hastings, and pleased that the unisex bathrooms allow you to share your coke with members of the opposite sex. Also, it's dark and loud enough that you never notice that you're grinding it with the early 30s, unemployed quasi-paedophile that your roommate took home last night, and that took your other roommate home the weekend before.

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