Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Either I'm allergic to pollen or I should taking the warning not to mix Red Bull with alcohol seriously. I've been in a brain-fog of sorts since Saturday, which accounts for my astonishing lack of wit as of late. Please don't hold it against me, I'll vindicate myself in the future.

The Chinese Stars performance at El Salon on Friday left me a lot more excited and enthused than the flatly recorded EP that they brought along with them. AIDS Wolf were impressive, even with the new lineup change...

Tonight Victorian ex-pat (and former editor of The Real Deal) David Barclay performs with the multi-voiced Parka 3 in an event touted to be their last show ever (though rumours are that they'll reform in the fall) at 2106 Bleury. It's free.

Possibly the only people in Montreal who could give you a definition of what the C86 Movement was without resorting to a googlesearch, the killhimhidethebody duo begin hosting a series of weekly Wednesday events at Saphir (3699 St. Laurent) tomorrow with "Aloha Cuteness." It's a little difficult to figure out what the connections are between twee britpop and Hawaii, but I'm sure there hearts are in the right place.

Stay at home on Thursday. Bake something. Phone your mother. Clip your toenails. And would it hurt to clean some dishes once in a while? Yeesh.

Have you been craving a reminder of exactly how obnoxious youth culture can be? Suffering from a bad case of jaded, post-21 year old depression? Japanther, possibly the only band left that could save the People'sPotatoCore kids from their own damn self-righteous selves will be performing on Friday at El Salon, with the unwashed Les Angles Morts. Bring deodorant.

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