Monday, April 05, 2004

end times.

Even the apostates, heretics and naysayers amongst us are unable to deny the spiritual magnitude of this upcoming tour. A crusade? A wet-dream for the glassy-eyed members of the Pitchforkmedia cult? Destroyer(Merge Records), Frog Eyes(Absolutely Kosher) and Pink Mountaintops (JagJaguwar/the hallucino-sexual alter-ego of Black Mountain, formerly known as Jerk With A Bomb) will be storming across this god-foresaken craggy and rocky nation, spreading a doctrine of LOVE and TRANSCENDENTAL BLISS and SALVATION, healing the sick and lame, forgiving the cursed sinners and performing hymns of such sublime and everlasting beauty that the heavens will open up, the oceans will swell, lambs will lay down with lions, and so forth.

Fri April 23 - Victoria @ Second Story Bookstore
Sat April 24 - Kelowna @ TBA
Mon April 26 - Edmonton @ Sidetrack Cafe
Tue April 27 - Calgary @ Night Gallery
Wed April 28 - Saskatoon @ Amigo's
Thu April 29 - Regina @ The State
Fri April 30 - Winnipeg @ West End Cultural Ctr
Thu May 6 - Toronto @ Lee's Palace
Fri May 7 - Ottawa @ Babylon
Sat May 8 - Montreal @ El Salon

JWAB/Pink Mountaintops/Black Mountain

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