Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Westcoast Goldkixx readers should all raise a glass of Baby Duck champagne in honour of Blackball Records in Nanaimo, BC, which, as of April 17th, closed its doors forever after a taxing and anguishing period of decision-making by proprietor Andrew McGregor. No doubt Jack Tileman (former owner) is miffed. And what of the youth of Nanaimo, now destined to spend lazy afternoons in 7-11 parking lots, drinking malt liquor and fucking each other in the bushes? Nanaimo already has a high enough teen pregnancy rate, Blackball's closing will certainly not help. A good record store proprietor is one-half curmudgeon, one-half counsellor - a surrogate parent with taste, and without tendencies towards molestation. McGregor was just such an owner. I recall my first Blackball party - I was to deliver an MC5-like speech before the Crusties took to the stage, but Jack Tileman decided I was far too drunk. I knew that behind that highly controversial decision lurked the goblin of anti-semitism, and I chased him about the Queens, looking to even the score by embarassing him with a push-up competition. It all came to naught, and later that night I passed out on Ken's couch. Visit the page. Console Andrew McGregor.

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