Friday, April 09, 2004

Yes, yes, yes, I'm midly hung-over and unfortunately being assaulted by the memory of the gaggle of flailing hippy art-students that took over the Long-Haul/Hall's dance-floor last night. Yes, yes, I'm eating chocolate peanut-butter popcorn and drinking iced-coffee (INGREDIENTS:WATER,COFFEE,MILK,SUGAR) and contemplating huffing some white-out and recalling Blonde Redhead's completely inspired, baroque, gorgeous and slightly melancholic performance last night... (On another note - the reaction to the Unicorns by their hometown crowd was slightly underwhelming. Unfortunate.)

My weekend...
TONIGHT: Wasted on St. Denis, aggravating the Francophone patrons of the establishments I'll be at with my wretched accent.
SATURDAY: Winding down at Corovo (on St. Laurent), listening to some other guy named Jay spin records.
SUNDAY: Stereolab, Clearlake @ Club Soda (....errrr, maybe not.)

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