Friday, February 20, 2004

Trading One Evil For Another.

I saw this article linked in someone's blog today I thought it was interesting. A few days ago a friend and I were discussing the downward spiral that Adbusters magazine seems to be taking and now I am making a post about it. Funny how that works!

I haven't actually bought a copy since last April and even back then, the difference between that issue and the first one I ever purchased (the yellow one with mickey mouse on the cover, probably about 4 or 5 years ago) is sad, to say the least. I know alot of people still like to read and support the magazine on a regular basis but I just feel that the magazine has become really ineffective to the point of being irritating, with articles written by people who seem more interested in coining clever phrases (this month: war porn!) than they do in making a statement. With the dawning of the adbusters produced running shoe, I think things can only go from annoying to ignorant.

Change the world, buy a sneaker? Maybe if they came in hot pink.

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