Monday, February 09, 2004


Valentine's Day is but a week away, do you know who you're going to be kissing? There are loads of fun events going on during the evening, GoldKicks is proud to present to you your Ultimate List of Saturday Night Fun (aka places you should go if you want to get laid.)

First off, you'll want to start your night off early and in style at the Misanthropy Gallery, I know Johnny Cash died ages ago but look! Another tribute show. This one will be especially interesting though, it's free and the artist lineup includes such international heavy weights as Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant) and Dave Kinsey and also local favorites like The Dark and etc etc etc. Also featuring a musical tribute by The Buttless Chaps, you're definetly not going to want to miss out. And anyways, you know you love the Misanthropy parties, show up and make a point to not look at the art, brown bag the entire night and wave your 40 oz like it's 1999.

After that ends (early, I think?) - you have a number of choices:

a) The Astoria for Channels 3 + 4 plus whoever else, dance dance dance and alot of drunken dirty fun. If you were there on New Years Eve, you'll know what i'm talking about when I tell you this will be fresh and I think we all know that Miss Hana can throw a party that will make you blurry eye'd in the morning wondering who the hell you made out "oh jeez who has my pants?!". Also, if you WERE at the New Years Eve extravaganz, please send an email to either myself or Jay Watts telling us exactly what you were doing on the stroke of midnight. I bet our story will top yours!


b) THE PEOPLE'S PROM is an annual party put on by some fantastic folks who know their shit - I'm quoting from the email now but "Bring your date and your mom, This is the infamous party you've heard about, The 4th annual Peoples Prom, where no one goes home alone (with Macauley Culkin). Wear your best prom gear and make sure to dust off your velvet lined grinding pants, dance the night away with some of the finest DJ's in the city playing the hottest 70's and 80's slow jams and hip hop."

Entrance is $5 w/prom gear and $8 without and it's at 1880 triumph and victoria, be there!.

Ok, do you know what? This is focked. I don't want to write anymore about what you should do on the weekend! Just get it on, make some sweet love. It's not the end of the world, just a bastardized Hallmark tradition that's not even real to begin with! Ack! There's Hairball, The prom, The Astoria, about 289374 house parties and literally millions of lonely hearts just wanting to be loved. Peace out lovelies, I'm sorry I'm not a better blogger ... !

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