Monday, February 16, 2004

Not Eyeless Covet, Nor Thin-lip'd Envy, Nor Bristled Wrath, Nor Curled Wantonness

...A lot of wine/port/beer at Clunybar (located in the Quartier Ephemere and 8 more bottles afterwards, and this GoldkicksMontreal staffer was staggering through the side-streets of Old Montreal at 5am on Saturday morning looking for a cab with a friend, somewhat aware that the next day would be spent alternating between feeling nauseous and being crippled by an immense headache. And such it was, so I did the only thing I could do in such a situation - bought the Globe & Mail, drank some peach nectar, made an Avacado & Camembert sandwich and went for a series of walks throughout the neighbourhood until it was time to drink again...

The weekly VAV Gallery vernissage happens on Tuesday evening. Get to the corner of Rene Levesque & Crescent at about 7 or 8pm for the usual cheep bottles of beer.

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