Saturday, February 28, 2004

Diamond as big as the Ritz...

Yes, yes, Montreal - I hear the repeated cries of "no more drinking!" echoing throughout telephone conversations, in Metro cars, buses and cafes throughout the city. Reading break has indeed been one gigantic and boozy blur, kicked off by a number of house parties on Saturday night, in which roving Anglophone kids took to the streets, hitting as many parties and all ending up at the final dance party by Desjardins, DJed by Mark Slatzky... Other days followed - drinking on weekdays - a perfect time to take advantage of the Tuesday night or Wednesday night specials, to drink uninhibited, knowing one wouldn't be enduring a hangover in a fourth year crit. theory class. By the time we've reached Friday, it's too much to ask - there are putrid yellow rings around our pupils and we've smoked far too much, but we go out anyway. By Saturday night, there's no need to convince us - we're too far gone, and there's little we can do but give in to the pressure to imbibe. In that case, here's a suggestion...

The Collapse of Pavilion

The lovable little one-month space, founded by Robin Simpson and Maryse Larivière, is caving in, packing up and taking off for Berlin at some point in the near future. Come celebrate, but don't expect bubbly, they've only got mixed vodka drinks and Boreal.
Saturday, February 28th 9pm - ?
1206 St. Laurent

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