Friday, February 13, 2004

"...Meets the budget of Geist Magazine"

Pine Magazine is a new three-times-a-year publication started by Emily Horne and Mike Lecky (formerly of Forget Magazine), that (according to the photos on the website) must publish from the kitchen of an house that I onced lived in a year and a half ago from Victoria. The reader is told to anticipate a magazine that recalls "the Canada-wide ubiquity of Saturday Night" meeting "the idiosyncrasies of McSweeney’s" meeting "the glossy hipster appeal of high end fashion magazines like Nylon."

Well, despite a difference of opinion on how "high-end" Nylon magazine is (Mandy Moore on the cover?) and my questioning if the ubiquitousness of this magazine will be primarily the result of it being stuffed in the weekend edition of the National Post, I'm venturing that it will at least be worth the price of admission and worth keeping around the coffeetable. Anything to replace those stacks of Vice magazine.

Pine Magazine

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