Saturday, February 14, 2004

Jewish Scenesters = Heebsters!!

Inspired by Jay's post about Heebs Magazine, I thought I would call attention to a fairly new Friendster-Esque website that has recently been brought to my attention.Frumster is the world's first electronic dating service exclusively for Orthodox Jewish singles worldwide. The site goes on to say that "Whether you are Modern Orthodox, Religious Zionist, Yeshivish, Haredi, or just plain shomer Mitzvot, Frumster is the place to find your match!"

Signing up is a difficult process though, the registration questions are heavy and range from asking your age to what Hashkafa you belong to. Frequency of Torah study and frequency of tefilah are also important in snagging the right Jewish boy so get cracking kids, it's Valentine's Day and everybody needs some loving.

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