Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Wind Kisses My Face

Could it be? Could the dark, deep, and depressing winter be finally over? Could great happiness, peace, prosperity and sunshine be within our grasp?

I remember when I was first introduced to the Cambodian Rocks compilation by JR at Ditch Records, Victoria's best (and probably now only) record store a number of years back. The CD was a collection of Cambodian pop and rock oddities collected by an intrepid backpacker, mostly unlabeled and of dubious sound quality. Since then, thanks to people at labels like Sublime Frequencies, much more southeast Asian pop music from the 60s and 70s has surfaced and been collected, much to my delight. And now John Pirozzi, who directed the Dengue Fever documentary Sleeping Through Mekong and worked on Zoe Cassavetes' Broken English, has produced a documentary called Don't Think I've Forgotten about the lost golden age of Cambodian pop. Trailer above, more information on the Don't Think I've Forgotten website.

The first song is an obvious, er, Cambodian homage to Proud Mary, and the second is from Singapore around the same time.

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