Thursday, April 08, 2010

Elephant Stone "I Am Blind" Video

Elephant Stone - I Am Blind

It's always great to see a bunch of smiling and familiar faces, impeccably shot, and it's even better if those faces are set to the music of a local band comprised of nice guys that you like. So, that's why the video above, directed by Patrick Andrew Boivin and Richmond Lam, for Elephant Stone is such a treat.

Richmond Lam is the tremendously talented master of light & shadow, who, if this video is any indication, appears to be moving into his Gregg Toland phase. Of all the photographers I can think of, he has a light humanistic touch that's completely unique to him. Up until now, I'd only seen it in his portraits, but it looks like he can move between the worlds of still and moving images with ease - his photography perfectly compliments the breezy and easy-going psychedelic charm of this song.

Shot in the confines of Korova bar Terroir (Montreal's favourite non-McGill campus Craigslist Missed Connections hotspot), the video's full of familiar faces. Outside of the band members - Richard White (who also plays in The Besnard Lakes), Bobby Fraser, Rishi Dhir, Robbie MacArthur, & Chris Wise - there are also cameos by Eve Thomas, Lorien Jones, cinematographer Bobby Shore (who shot Who Is KK Downey?, Peepers, Prom Wars, and is shooting Fubar 2), bartending nice-guy Cavan, Mikala Grant, jeweler Mercedes de la Rosa, Nicholas Robins (of Homosexual Cops), Maya Fuhr and many others.

Elephant Stone just finished recording an EP at Breakglass Studios, and they'll be joining the Brian Jonestown Massacre at the end of May/beginning of June for a number of dates. Rishi also hosts the Bollywood night at Casa every second Thursday of the month called Bombay the Hard Way!

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