Thursday, April 22, 2010

Six Finger Satellite, Live in NY

Simian Fever
Parlour Games (MP3)
Where Humans Go
Pulling a Train
Rabies (Baby's Got The)
Massive Coke Seizure
Man Behind the Glasses
Board the Bus

46 shrill & thrilling minutes with Six Finger Satellite in 1995 at the Westbeth Theatre in New York, New York. They were touring in support of Severe Exposure, so most of the selections are primarily from that album (Montreal favourite Rabies (Baby's Got The) appears, for example), as well as Man Behind the Glasses, which only appeared on a 7". Singer J. Ryan plays a Moog keytar and dresses like he's fronting a nightmare prom band. John McLean has a white-belt on and is doing a lot of palm-muting, laying out the blueprint from which the Swing Kids' house was built. I stumbled across it while checking out the Pessimist Club blog, which, naturally, comes highly recommended.

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