Monday, April 12, 2010

Radio Days

I went to bed at some ungodly hour last night* - I think it was 4AM - and before that, my ladyfriend commented that this was pretty much "high school life." Thinking back to my high school years, I developed incredibly fucked up sleep patterns that have plagued me since then. I'd stay up all night, reading or listening to music, and halfheartedly try to get up on time, but usually end up being at least 30 minutes late.

For most of grade 8, I spent my evenings listening to an AM radio station from Calgary called Hot 1040. They specialized in mostly alternative rock, which thinking back about it, seems like the connective genre tissue between 80's college rock and the 00's indie rock, albeit with a heavier dose of grunge than I could even take at the time... But whatever, this was before I had disposable income for CDs and while putting a one-speaker radio under my pillow so I could listen to the Jesus & Mary Chain or Jawbreaker didn't really seem cool (per se), it got me through the nights when I couldn't sneak out of my window to go skateboarding with my friends.

* Seriously, I'm operating at a catatonic pace today. The four thoughts I had about McLaren and asbestos I couldn't even hammer out in my previous post.

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