Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Sounds From Pop Winds

The only Easter candy I received this year around was an e-mail from Devon Welsh featuring two new songs from his group Pop Winds' new album The Turquoise. I posted their song In Harmony in mid-February and grouped them in with a number of (what I saw as) similarly sounding groups, like the Sincerely Yours roster (Air France, the Embassy et al.), but noted an undercurrent of industrial production techniques and sensibilities that, really, pulled them from the wreckage of a genre that I don't have much love for. That undercurrent seems to have really come to the surface on these songs: the jerky stop-start dynamics, as well as the arpeggios, in Feel It remind me of Flux Information Sciences (albeit blissfully free of their pranksterish nihilism).* The new album was recorded by Chris Ploss at 1616 (CORRECTION: not Mark Sandford at Mastertone as I erroneously reported.) Little Sister is from their Understory EP.

To see how it holds up live, the CD release party is here in Montreal on April 16th with Blue Hawaii and the Silly Kissers. Before that, Devon will be going solo, opening for (of the Silly Kissers) as he marks the release of Movin On Up In Society tomorrow night at Club Lambi. Sean Nicholas SavageFurther details at Arbutus Records.

William de Samman is a former short film festival programmer, current communications genius, and also the resident DJ (along with Heidy Pinet) at Movement - a night of house & disco (deep and otherwise) that takes place Fridays at Kafein in a part of Montreal poorly served by great DJs such as those two. As Heard From Mars had him curate their 2nd podcast, which I highly recommend checking out here. I've had the great pleasure to DJ a couple of times with William, and I have to say, the guy's got great taste (Paperclip People!) to match his straight-up robot-like beat-matching skills.

* I just re-listened to some Flux Information Sciences after five years and I have to say that it's not as similar sounding as I thought. Damn my faulty memory.

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