Monday, October 11, 2004

"...You always wondered why he was in the Travelling Willburries."

The single from the new Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre album will be released tomorrow, on TroublemanUnlimited. I have to admit that the last album "Love Love Love", while representing the group well with some well-written songs, lost something in terms of production... Perhaps the mastering?

Glass Candy - Love Love Love.mp3

The Destroyer/Black Mountain split on Spirit of Orr Records is out - distributed by Scratch in Canada, you should be able to find it at Ditch Records in Victoria, BC... There's an mp3 below. A remix of "Druganaut" was released on Jagjaguwar Records earlier this year to be followed by a full-length to be released in January of 2005.

Black Mountain - Druganaut.mp3

And Black Mountain's Steve McBean is, as many of you already know, skulking about, writing perverse songs under the moniker Pink Mountaintops. Unreleased mp3 below. (Thanks, Hive Studios!)

Pink Mountaintops - Erected.mp3

The Baron Samedi Ecstatic Soul Quintet, with returned globe-trotting frontman Steven Balogh, will be performing in Vancouver this Friday, October 16th @ the Astoria with The Christa Min, Cadeaux (with Rick O'Dell, formerly of Sharp Teeth), and YouSayParty!WeSayDie!.

October, 16 2004 at the Astoria
769 E. Hastings, Vancouver, BC

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Anonymous said...

hey jay,

thanks for the hype, my friend. the show this past saturday was our last.

i owe you a mixtape, you owe me an email.

xo balogh