Saturday, October 30, 2004


If you're not out catching your favourite Misfits cover band or goosing yourself silly on hallucinogenics (err, ethneogens?) on the Island tonight, the North End of the Plateau promises some entertaining moments to be had... Automatic Vaudeville, Montreal's most prestigious and highly-regarded film-making collectif is hosting thier annual Hallowe'en bash tonight (that's Saturday) at Le Local, which some of may remember from the Pavilion Pop Montreal late-night happening. It's located at 7154 St. Urbain, just off of Jean Talon, and it's $2 to get it. DJ Mark Slutsky presides over the festivities with admirable acumen and (one hopes) a whole lotta DFA mixes.

As well, the Long Haul is hosting a fundraising Hallowe'en party tonight (on Belmont, just off of Ave. du Parc) with Lynne T. from LOX and others DJing.

And tomorrow night's Seripop Hallowe'en, details tomorrow. Look for me tonight, I'm Captain Haddock.

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