Tuesday, October 19, 2004


DFA, , just released two astonishing records, keeping on par with their tortoise-like release schedule (expecting to see that LCD Soundsystem appear in about a year or so). Pixeltan, with Hisham, formerly of Black Dice on the drum-set, propels listeners into the four-on-the-floor stratosphere with "Get Up / Say What", with appropriately spooky vocal effects for the upcoming Hallowe'en season. J.O.Y.'s got Yoshimi from the Boredoms hanging out with some UNKLE guys, re-releasing the single that was previously only available on Japan's Ape Sounds Records. You can preview the two A-sides on DFA's site.

November sees a 3-CD set of unreleased DFA stuff being released, too. Xmas rush!

A: "Get Up/ Say What" DFA Remix
B: "Get Up"
"That's The Way I Like It"

A: Sunplus
B: Sunplus DFA Version.

In related news, Output Recordings have a new release out by Maurice Fulton's post-punk-funck-fest, Mu... The A-side is Paris Hilton, the B-side is We Love Guys Named Luke. Limited release again, expect to see a copy of it up on a knowledgeable record store's shelf for $250 or so in a couple of months... If it's anything like the full-length, I expect I'll be drooling all over it.

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