Thursday, October 21, 2004

Some surprise, I briefly talked to a friend while watching the remainder of the Boston/New York game at Copacabana and found out that Mu will be playing tomorrow night (Friday), at Club Soda, as part of the MEG Montreal festival. Unfortunately I've got a prior engagement DJing at The W Hotel bar (901 Square Victoria in Old Montreal) and won't be able to make it. The bill includes a live performance by Vive La Fete and DJ sets by Mu's Maurice Fulton, Sean Kosa and KPCK. Also on Friday, Nick and Jaime of The Unicorns will be DJing at a free showcase at SAT (on lower St. Laurent) from 5 to 8pm.

I'm going to check out ESG on Sunday - they're performing with Le Tigre, Gravy Train (ugh), and Cannonball Jane at Club Soda. It'll be interesting to see how ESG shapes up, and I'm not looking forward to the Le Tigre set, seeing as they won't have DFA on stage with them to remix those songs into something decent. Ba-dooom-shhhh!

Mu - Chair Girl.mp3 Sadly, of poor quality, but it'll give you an idea...

Also, Dante left Hot Hot Heat... No replacement as of yet, but who's even left in Victoria to fill the bill? Michael Melgaard? Dan And? Or will they pick up a former member of Econoline Crush?

Comets on Fire - The Antlers of the Midnight Sun.mp3 - I can visualize the Orange amplifier stacks...

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