Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Various Bits...

The Boy Who Climbed Trees - Alex (l) and Jenn Wong (r)

Vancouver's Terminal City alternative weekly is undergoing some sort of transformations. Sometimes Goldkicks contributor (well, she's got the password anyway) and unabashed Weezer fan Jenn Wong will be appearing on the masthead as the new Music Editor. Congratulations!

The end of PopMontreal doesn't mean that there's no live music going on for the next couple of weeks, just nothing that good. Paul Cargnello, probably the only Socialist to have licensed a song to almost-forgotten television series Dawson's Creek, is performing at Sala Rosa tomorrow (Thursday) night. Danko Jones, the most annoying Filipino to ever don a fedora (and I've seen a few tagalog films), will be performing another set of uninspired and lazily crafted "garage" rock on Friday night. At least they love him in Sweden. Also that night, Las Vegas' The Killers perform with Sea&Cake-in-disguise Ambulance Ltd. at Club Soda.

Sunday is kids-with-bikes-and-patches night at the Cryo Chamber, 1180 St-Antoine, as Japanther (not to be confused with The Panthers, the Brooklyn-based recently finding their stride as a Filter cover band) hit the city, reviving the hopes that lay dormant in the hearts of all Reversal of Man fans for the past couple of years...* Who's The Ghost, the double-bass n' drums trio featuring Brian Mitchell, formerly of Vancouver hardcore outfit September open up, along with Dataskin.

Now how often did I relate one band to another one in a snarky, flippant manner above? Having just passed my 24th birthday, I think it's safe to say I've turned into an embittered old man who's seen it all. I'll be balding, tubby and wearing an oversized Pixies t-shirt in about four months.

* Let me clarify something - I don't appreciate Japanther, I find them an artless and derivative group of poorly put-together Svenonius gestures, the members overly proud of their discovery of French situationist theory; a little like The International Noise Conspiracy if they smoked more pot and secretly coveted every issue of Vice.


Anonymous said...

I think you got Japanther confused with Panthers in your footnote.

Anonymous said...

and I find you to be a pretentious, navel-gazing hack who recycles poorly put-togther Pitchfork-inspired prose, overly proud of his post-Vice hipper-than-hip dismissive style; a little like Lester Bangs if he liked shitty music and couldn't scribe his way out of a wet paper bag.

If you can't enjoy fun, three chord punk rock (which is all Japanther claim to be), you ain't no friend of mine.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of all the claims you`ve made against Jay (which, by the way, I'm sure he`s heard before), I still want to get this sorted out. It's Panthers that are the Ian Svenonius, Vice Mag reading poseurs...not Japanther. Get yr facts straight Jay!

Jay Watts III said...

Isn't recycling Pitchfork reviews (while subtly distancing one's self from them by slyly mocking them) the exact essence of internet music journalism? Also, Lester Bangs? Huh? I don't think I've ever mentioned a cough-syrup addiction, and I'm sure he'd enjoy Japanther a lot more than me. I don't even like the Stooges, for Christ's sake.