Thursday, March 30, 2006

Square Pegs.

Shapes And Sizes - Island's Gone Bad.mp3

I'm off to Hawaii to work on an article about Queen Lili'uokalani's songbook and Hawaiian nationalism, but before I go, I'll be checking out Victoria's chipper and rose-cheeked pop quartet Shapes & Sizes, who'll be stopping by Casa Del Popolo tonight. I long ago promised to write something about them and their Canadian baroque pop brethren: The Paper Cranes, The Dymaxions, and Code Pie, but that'll have to wait. For now, here's a lament for the departed ex-pats of Victoria, BC, long may they suffer.

My first column in the Mirror just appeared today. Scope out at your own risk!


Greg said...

Saw Shapes And Sizes in Toronto on Monday. Great band.

daniel colussi said...

ignore the comment i just made on the old goldkixx bad

Anonymous said...

that's one good looking first column.

does she have a sister?

Anonymous said...

Shit Watts,

if you're gonna keep speaking on panels about "how blogging has changed the pop cultire landscape" (or write a Mirror column that's directly related) you oughtta at least drop an mp3 a month, non?

xo Balogh