Thursday, November 03, 2005

MEG Thursday


The MEG Festival was a blur that, following my personal tradition, began with too much boozing, too many late nights, topped off with crippling sickness that saw me bed-stricken for three days straight, sweating, coughing and bemoaning the inherent genetic stupidity that drives me to self-abuse. Cursing my ancestors, too.
On Thursday I managed to catch Detroit's GENDERS: they hit up that pre-pre-pre 808 Suicide vs. YMGiants scouring the dub forest sound, akin to what Seattle's CHROMATICS get up to, when they're not busy re-arranging their line-up. Alex Auche, beloved co-programmer of the festival (along with Alex Lemieux) and Zoobizarre head (along with Alex Lemieux) managed to bring in his friends SISTER IODINE from France, and they were easily one of the highlights in a festival where it was hard to pick favourites. A caucophonous run-through of noise n' textured soundscapes served well by the unique acoustics of the SAT room. Lionel Fernandez of the group is involved with the büro organization in Paris, who seem a wonderful compliment to the work and aesthetics of the two Alexes (Alex'?) here in Montreal.

DER PLAN raised the bar with a set of uber-theatrical Tiki-soaked kraut kitsch that was equally parts baffling and delightful, if such a word can be used to describe something slightly sinister and of a more serious intent than I'm able to articulate. Patrick Vezina, now in Berlin, had been hyping up the group prior to his departure, and either it fell on some understanding ears, or the French kids in this city are fourty times hipper than the Anglo outsiders who invade their neighbourhoods and jack their rent up.

I was forcing myself to have a good time during ADULT, which isn't a good sign. I didn't have that high of expectations, and once I put it into my head that this group was, like a lot of electronic music (though not necessarily electro), more about texture than songwriting, it sat easier with me. Exhaustion forced me away from the venue prior to OPTIMO's set, which I had earmarked as one of the highlights for the festival, unfortunately. I also missed the DUCHESS SAYS and CALL ME POUPEE afternoon double-bill, an aggravating little oversight on my part - I'd been eager to see CALL ME POUPEE in their new incarnation as a three piece.

...More wrap-up stuff tomorrow.

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