Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bring your tracksuit and gold chains...

Local hip-hop impressario producer Ghislain Poirier is set to expand his sphere of influnce internationally in the next little while, beyond the influential critics (Wire magazine, f'Christ's sake) and heads that tout his dirty, mammoth production style and musicians that collaborate with him or demand his remixing services (Les Georges Leningrad!), as he tours with pint-sized puntess Lady Sovereign and infiltrates the fickle, fickle minds of the modern day hip-hop consumer. (The two will be back in Montreal on December 2nd for a performance at La Tulipe.)

Ghislain Poirier - Cold as Hell, feat. Beans.mp3
Beans is basically the southern poster boy for cross-border cultural exchanges - touring with the Unicorns, collaborating with Holy Fuck, and this heavy, abstract cut, available on 12" through Chocolate Industries

Lady Sovereign - Fiddle With The Volume (Ghislain Poirier remix).mp3
Ghislain remixed this for the new Lady Sov album, adding some nice echoed synth-stabs, flushing out the original.

BOUNCE LE GROS V.4 Saturday, November 26th

And locally, Ghislain is still cramming his crates of beats into the above-ground wine-cellar that is Zoobizarre. Not this Saturday but the next (that's the 26th) he's got Fader writer and blogger Nick Catchdubs up from NYC, along with a surprise guest, for another night of BOUNCE LE GROS, which presents dancehall to ragga to electro-worshipping hip-hop to every barely tapped resource of new and innovative stuff in between. Bring your tracksuit and gold chains.
at Zoobizarre, 6388 St. Hubert (corner of St. Hubert and Beaubien)
22h, $5

Check the master's website for more specifics on his tours and releases, and more downloads.
Buy it at Insound!

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