Thursday, February 10, 2005

Turkish Baths and Coming Attractions.

After much searching, an anonymous tipster has revealed to me the location (I suppose I could have looked in the Yellow Pages, nonetheless) of a real, Olde Worlde-style Turkish Bathhouse in Montreal. I will now be spending many countless hours sweating out the booze and indulging in growly discourse with Russian immigrants. Hopefully I won't have to spurn too many sexual advances...

Also, apologies for the sluggish (and sometimes non-existent) downloads on the site and the not-so-frequent posting, but coming up this weekend and throughout next week I'll have a review of the newest Droom album, some of that stuff from Atlas Strategic, a GoGoGoAirheart retrospective, Kosmische Rock mp3s, some interviews and a baker's dozen worth of mp3s from Vancouver and Victoria.

1 comment:

Philip said...

Would love to know the name/location of the Turkish baths in Montreal. Have always wanted to experience that,