Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Panties. Boys. Shorts. Boys.

A couple of years ago, a Victorian cartoonist prodigy released a handsomely packaged CD of lo-fi bedroom bumps and grinds layered with Casio spread, effectively kick-starting a one-person campaign of hype in the area. At the time, I heralded Pantyboy as the third or fourth coming of the Messiah (at least the last one since the 19th century, not including the Jehovah Witness' close-calls and also rans), regarded his melodies as sublime and his lyrics as the whisperings of heaven. And then I saw him perform with a backing ensemble at Thursdays. With a gentleman in a poncho, who hogged the microphone and made uncomfortable jokes. I left, disappointed, ridiculed by my friends for my false prophecizing. And now, looking back on it, the first Unicorns performances in Victoria were somewhat disastrous, or at least, characterized by stop-start dynamics with more of an emphasis on the "stop", too. Pantyboy just had to harness that nervous energy, bundle it up and spurt it out like church picnic mustard. And he might just have done so at this point, but I'm on the other side of the country and I can't tell.

Pantyboy - Razor Sharp, No Brakes.mp3

This song's from that album Orgy of the Senses, the first thing I heard before the magic died. More information and MP3s are on his website, including a preview of his new video-game, as well as links to associated projects like Elephant Island and the only private eye alligator comic around Strange Journey.


ADDENDA: Regarding yesterday's posts, I stumbled upon the newest S.T.R.E.E.T.S. website, which is quite a bit more advanced than their previous "flaming eyeball" and bloody font website... There are 4 mp3s up there, too.

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