Tuesday, February 01, 2005

BLOW YR MIND!!!!!!!!!!

Two highly anticipated shows have been announced for April, both with features that may taint the overwhelmingly joyous psychedelic experiences. But you need that, it grounds you, ya know, stops you from dropping acid every week.

DOSE WITH: Amanita Muscaria.

On April 3rd, premiere group in bearded, dishevelled, forest-frolicking left-coast psychedelic mind-fucking Black Mountain Army will be at Sala Rosa, hopefully in ponchos. The first dark cloud on the golden horizon is the appearance of monotonous post-rockers The Album Leaf on the bill, and the second is the presence of the fourth-rate neutered indie wet noodles Crystal Skulls, who have certainly not earned the right to that moniker.
Black Mountain profile at Pitchfork

DOSE WITH: 2ci. Available by import from most Asian research chemical firms.

On April 29th, Caribou, who will have finished practicing in Toronto for a month or so prior, will be performing at El Salon. Let us all pray that the good vibes flowing from the astral plane and into our third eyes somehow manages to fix the sound-system and purge the room of its "suburban all-ages" atmosphere. The Junior Boys and The Russian Futurists provide pleasant diversions from the main event.

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