Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sinoia Caves - Hawkwind - Ethiopiques

Finally, some mp3s for all of you...

Sinoia Caves - Naro Way.mp3

Prior to Jeremy Schmidt's involvement with kraut-rock and (avant? ha!)psychfiends Black Mountain, he released an album under the Sinoia Caves moniker entitled The Enchanted Persuader. There's a very pastoral and rural stream at work here, acoustic guitars over top of ARP synthesizer drones. Schmidt was also a member of Vancouver's under-appreciated stoner/space-rock group Orphan. In the summer of 2003 while I was living in Vancouver I happened to catch one of Jeremy's performances in the opium-poppy filled backyard of a house (now demolished) just off Main. The city was in the middle of its annual fireworks broohaha, which provided the perfect skyline backdrop to the evening. And I wasn't even stoned!

Hawkwind - Space Is Deep.mp3

...And all of that is a perfect segue into everyone's favourite space-rock group, Hawkwind.

Embwa Belew.mp3

To round out the set, here's a track from the third volume of the astonishing Ethiopiques collection, this one specializing in music from between the years of 1969 and 1975, played mostly by members of the police and military bands, who had been exposed to American soul & rock by US Peace Corps volunteers in the country at the time.

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