Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I've got a miserable cold. Well, I missed the tete-a-tete of the two Daves (Dave Wanger vs. Dave Lewkewitch) at the 10 Commandments/Charter Cruise performance on Friday at Barfly, opting to spend the night in after a day of serving bloody caesars. Mr. Wanger, formerly of Daddy's Hands, M Blanket and a couple of other "seminal" Victoria bands, will be returning back to the island tip below the 49th parallel, prodigal-son like, to settle into his new role as father. Hmmm...

Tonight, newlywed songsters Phil (of the Microphones) and Victorian resident and illustrator (of the neo-baroque variety) Geneviève Castrée perform at Sala Rossa, as Mount Eerie and Woelv. Songs about summer love, running around in socks and kittens and the like will be on the agenda, as well as re-creating the myths of childhood. Bring a bib.

This Thursday, at the Cafe X, located in the Concordia VA Building on Rene Levesque, the very first vernissage is being held, from 7-9pm. Various mixed media contributions from Cafe staff for the first show... Booze and all that, of course.

Electro-new-wave quartet Duchess Says will be performing, along with Ground Lift, DJ Romeo Casio and DJ Prions en Eglise, at O Patro Vys (on Mt. Royal) on Saturday, September 11th.

Also on that night, duo the Fiery Furnaces perform at El Salon (has the sound got any better there?) with White Magic, fronted by Mira Billotte of Quix*o*tic and expanding the boundaries of the psych-folk informed that's been flourishing as of late, thanks in no small part to the free, newspring publication Arthur Magazine, which is one publication that thankfully isn't following the rest of the indie publishing flock in attempting to mimic Vice Magazine. (Witness Toronot's Trucker Magazine (is that even publishing) and wince.)

And, as you've probably heard, Wolf Parade will not be playing Pop Montreal (they were originally slotted to perform with Mission of Burma) due to family commitments. They'll be recording soon, though.

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