Sunday, September 26, 2004

Arcade Fire show...

I was surprised to spy, upon entering the Citadel a bit late, that Jeremy Gara (formerly of Weights & Measures and all-around nice fellow) was playing with the Arcade Fire. Arlen Thompson, Wolf Parade's drummer, also joined them for the first song of their second set. The space was predictably packed, and the majority of the crowd well-behaved, obeying the posted signs prohibiting standing on the pews. Complaints? None really - the sound was a bit muddy every now and then, and it was damned hot, but that made the event a lot more reminiscent of the Pentecostal shake-fests of my youth, which gave me an occasional shiver.

Dan Seligman et al. pulled the feat off marvellously, especially when one considers just how busy they've all been preparing for PopMontreal. Alright, I'm off to to check out what the armchair pedants are complaining about. It's a marvellous day out - lay about in the park.


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
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Optimus said...

I think the most telling part of the evening was the Montrealers who didn't think twice about lighting up in a church.

You just can't take this city's scenesters anywhere.

Great, great show, though.

Jeremy Brendan said...

Their keyboard was a "Prophet 600"; the congregation was completely focused on the music; two helmets were ceremonially placed on a piano. The inscription on the front of the stage was marked "Redeemed". Weren't we all?

"Laika" and "No Cars Go" sounded impeccable, don't you think? I also enjoyed "Rebellion (Lies)" and "Wake Up"...

I'll be at the Weakerthans show on the 1st of October & hopefully the Le Nombre/Wolf Parade show in the middle of the month. Cheers.