Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Videokill! in Montreal!

The immensely popular Vancouver-based indie music video event Videokill! is coming to Montreal in October. Organizers Lindsay Sung and Heather Trawick will be making the trek out, and guest curators are the Cafe X curators Pale Phantoms (hey, c'est moi and artist/swell person Tracy Maurice!)...

The most recent Videokill! in Vancouver on August 12th was well-attended and featured videos by Black Mountain, Radio Berlin, Wolf Parade, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, Sparkle Motion, T.A.L.A.Band, Black Rice, The Beans, Heavy Party, Channels 3 & 4 and performances by Primes and Bakelite.

Any bands interested in including a video for exhibition should contact, and prepare to have either a hard copy of the video available or it available on the internet for consideration. Submissions should be in before September 20th.

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