Monday, August 02, 2004

The Suggestive Power of Media

Did anybody notice a jump in the amount of guys in sleeveless shirts skulking about Parc La Fontaine at night since The Mirror published their list of top cruising spots in Montreal last Thursday? I certainly did. I was pondering exactly how much money I'd charge for a latex-gloved handjob when I realized that anyone who's hanging about in a park, probably doesn't have the sort of cash I'd demand for such an operation...

Okay, for some of you, the big show this week is the Sonic Youth/Le Tigre/Les Georges Leningrad triple-bill at Metropolis. And for others, myself included, the more enjoyable event is the (gasp!) oversold Modest Mouse/Wolf Parade concert at the Rialto on Friday. Sonic Youth are older than my parents. Combine all of their ages and extend it into the past, and the gigantic, aged beast you'd have on your hands would have been born just after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I'd imagine. They're playing with a band noted for revolutionizing the world of poor spelling and that group that everyone outside of Montreal has been hearing a lot about recently, Les Georges Leningrad. Jesse from Channels 3+4 in Vancouver begs for news about them everytime I talk to him, Erase Errata (remember them?) and The Gossip speak in awe of them, and me, well, I've never seen them. Nope. Not once. In fact, I've only heard that one "Georges 5" song, and I'm inclined to think it's trash, despite having a real sweet tooth for no-wave nonsense, I gather. Hey, I salivated when I saw a real, live copy of "No New York!" and I even dropped the $40 for the Japanese re-release a couple of years back, but that song's terrible. Christ.

Wolf Parade though, there's a band. They're going to be huge by the beginning of next year, probably big on the internet before that. Massive. Gargantuan. And well-respected. How long before Pitchforkmedia gets a whiff of it? Does anybody care? Has something superceded Pitchfork yet? DESPITE WHAT PUBLICISTS WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE, NO ONE OUTSIDE OF 15 YEAR OLD BOYS READS BUDDYHEAD AND LISTENS TO THE ICARUS LINE.

Finally... I suggest that, as no one has satisfactorily pin-pointed the origins of the ever-annoying phrase "my bad," it be replaced with the more ennobled Latin "mea culpa." Consider it.

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