Monday, August 16, 2004

Soul Jazz DJ.

This upcoming Saturday sees another show by personal favourites Duchess Says: the Quebec-city dark new-wave transplants will be performing at a Fluodata zine benefit at the Jupiter Room along with Dark Mana, a group fronted by ex-Short Pants Romance bassist and 21st Century Fox dynamo Jordan Robson-Cramer (Jordan Robson-Spector to those who've witnessed him at the controls of an impromptu basement recording studio) and Mary-May. Duchess Says are one of the numerous factors leading to a critical and popular re-assessment of groundbreaking art-damaged synth-fuckups Six Finger Satellite, who deserved the interest and attention that the inferior Brainiac received. Stop by Cheap Thrills sometime and you'll notice they've re-stocked all the albums, previously only available in bargain bins.

On Friday, Vice Recording's Death From Above 1979 (re-christened to avoid confusion with, and litigation from New York's DFA Recordings) return to Montreal, fresh from a Japanese tour with Toronto's GGBB Controller.Controller. DJ Cherry Cola spins the original songs interpreted last time by We Are Wolves.

Friday, August 20 Death From Above 1979, Controller.Controller, DJ Cherry Cola @ El Salon (St. Laurent)

Saturday, August 21 Oneida, Horsey Craze, Lullabye Arkestra @ La Sala Rossa (St. Laurent)

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