Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Willing Victim of Circumstances

appears on The Crossing
Modern English A Viable Commercial
appears on Mesh & Lace
The Sound The Fire
appears on From The Lion's Mouth

This Big Country song reminds me of Dag Nasty and 90's hardcore group Fuel for some reason. Modern English obliquely strategizing on their album before their break Melts With You break, borrows from Brian Eno's Third Uncle before driving the whole song off a gigantic Colin Newman/Wire cliff. (I had another new wave song I came across a couple of days ago that did the same thing, but a hard-drive crash has put that outta my hands, and I can't recall the group's name. Alas...) I love The Sound - they remind me of Radio Berlin and Echo & The Bunnymen. Before the chipper-cheeked and crispily-produced power-pop-punk stuff that would land them a spot on (uh) the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and You & Me Song, the Swedish group found comfort and hooks in the 4AD catalogue, as this 1989 song reveals.

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