Monday, October 19, 2009

Bedtime for Baby...

Musically, it is an absolutely great time to be heart-broken, depressed, forlorn, or just plain melancholic. Thinking of ending it all? Hold on, wallow a bit more, the Slow Club know what it's like, which is why they're Giving Up On Love! Feeling foolish and exposed? The Generationals recognize self-destructive patterns when they see 'em with These Habits. The Raveonettes have penned a great slacker kiss-off tune with Gone Forever, from the recently released In and Out of Control and even the Kings of Convenience, that Norwegian duo with the knack for unflinchingly examining the minute details of daily power-struggles and relationship anxiety, are back with a fifth album (Declaration of Dependence) just in time for the most miserable winter of your life! The world might be cold, cruel, and miserable, but at least you're not alone when you're all alone.

If that's all a little too depressing, James Chapman, known to most as Maps, is back with a follow-up to his 2007 debut We Can Create called Turning the Mind that's remarkably upbeat and depressing. Still kinda heavy, though.

Track them down...
The Slow Club: Duo from Sheffield, England. Formed in 2006, were last in Montreal in August of this year. Moshi Moshi again.
The Generationals: New Orleans, LA group. Check out their album Con Law.
The Raveonettes: Danish duo, needs little introduction.
Kings of Convenience: Norwegians, again - little intro necessary.
Maps: solitary man.

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