Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Trouble with Men & Babies...

The Last Days of Disco & The Expanding Universe
Hollis Brown Thornton, 2009

Today's post goes out to Mr. David Lindquist, another British Columbian expatriate* who now makes his daily bread as a stunningly talented web designer, is the head of the musical group Lagoons, and is also a long-standing and skilled DJ to boot (C.R.I.M.E.S). And one of those nice guys who you know had all of the Roulé releases starting from day one, but is still not going laugh and point at a bungled beat-match from a lesser DJ every now and then. (I know!)

Mr. Lindquist's pick, from Cesar Hernandez (CZR) way back in 1999, Chicago Southside. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent rip of the original, so you'll have to deal with the remix. Troublemen's Get This Party Rockin' proves that even in 2000, years before Justice (that era widely regarded by most brimmers as a dark and deadly place known as only an appropriate place to semi-ironically scoop Brooklyn rap acapellas), that the dance music phenomenon of pinching kids' choruses for kicks was still a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

Those kids bring us to our next track, a remix of Pnau's Baby by rising etoile Breakbot, which appeared on the Australian duo's limited edition tour CD a while back. Breakbot's remix is clearly superior than the original, squeezing and teasing the Sesame Street stylings of the original with some classic French touches (har har), and a kiddy-approved piano outro. I've included the acapella track so you can try your hand at mash-up wizardry, or at least imagine yourself hectoring and haranguing a group of underfed Australian children to express the romantic feelings of studio overlords.

En-route: Breakbot's Thibaut Berland deserves a whole post of his own, which he will get...
* The phrase BC Expat is almost as Montreal as depanneur.

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