Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asia Through The Looking Glass Inbox

Some Steely Dan songs for Chris Clark, and the rest of you get some nonsense. The following are the search Results for various Asian nationalities in my Gmail account. Not all quotes are your author's, thank you very much.

The Chinese

reporting bugs and fixes for the chinese slaves to fix

The exact significance of the number eight is yet to be revealed, but perhaps we should ask the Chinese.

hahaha "It's in the Chinese Zodiac! Asia's hot right now!"

His diabolical scheme to send the Chinese walking across the ocean?

-We all know each other.
Except the Chinese.

...former fastest typer (I even beat the Chinese), I advise you to re-examine your typing style (specifically how you place your wrists) and also perhaps look up some suitable exercises to strengthen the muscles around your tendons.

The Chinese economic miracle!

You can re-create this magic on a micro-economic scale
with your line of tea bodums
and the shipping charges will be exponentially lower

That was tailoring. Arab terrorist front.
The Chinese are more at ease with the world.

-the year is over
-No, it's the Chinese Zodiac
Should end around February 10th or so

...When the Chinese Zodiac is more favourable to my preferred balling method.

We're going to the botanical gardens - the chinese lantern festival

...He became a reclusive anti-semitic mathematician, holed up in north Vancouver, and screaming about the Chinese and their insidious plots to take over the world.

Lots of love from the Chinese...

It's called abacus like the chinese counter

The Japanese

-Yeah, I am! I don't know what show I'm going to see yet, though
That's the one about the Japanese terrorists, right?

- ever since trying to grope that schoolgirl on the metro
- iced coffee freaks too
- I've realized that I am not good at being like the Japanese

...initially highly influenced by the japanese aesthetics and culture, quickly caught the press’ attention

As it is now, you will have trouble enough with the Japanese in PEI
Haunted Halifax, evil brainwashed Japanese people.

What kind of emoticon? Some sort of graphic sexual thing only the Japanese know how to decipher?

Emily Post never wrote a book about that, I don't think.
But my father had a number explaining how to do business with the Japanese.

He loves the Japanese. Hey, the Japanese held that hot dog eating champion title, and are also considered the leaders in the world of quality control! Do you think there's a connection? Round peg, round hole?

The Japanese have the best printing facilities in the world over there, you could get some large format book published with laser cut pages, and an embossed or relieved cover or something. Or like Kiss, with actual blood in the red ink! Bound in the hides of marsupials! Sewn together with dried intestine! The first book grown from stem cells!

It would, of course, alienate the Japanese, who read the other way, but whatever,
they lost World War II anyway.

the last two Japanese movies I've seen had plenty of scotch drinking in them - perhaps the Japanese represent the unfettered unconscious drinkin' desires of the Jewish people.

The Koreans

yeah i don't mind the koreans/japanese.
i'm totally game for the halsies. where would you put your dumplings?

The Vietnamese

The vietnamese violin is 20 dallars and I'm buying one.

Baling on Ba-le.
This is the Vietnamese place?

The Asians

The Asians seem to be okay with it...

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