Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VGA or Super-VGA

By popular demand and for a limited time only, more from Chaz Bundick, known to most now as Toro y Moi, including his cover of Human Nature from Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

FM Attack is the nom-de-chanson of one Shawn Ward, from Vancouver, BC, supposedly newly signed by Tiga (although I can find scant mention of that). This is from his debut album Dreamatic, half of which sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to the Canmore, Alberta-filmed 80's BMX film Rad (like Real Life's Send Me An Angel), the other half of which brings to my mind a toned-down Designer Drugs (octave-jumping bass-lines, synth stabs, and those tight mid-80s LA tom fills). Slow-dancing BMXes were the height of mid-decade romanticism, I think.

I'd like to make an early Christmas request: a Cat Power & Sade duet, please, and preferably nothing too blues-y.

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Anonymous said...

whoa, this MJ cover is a banger