Monday, September 14, 2009

To Be Making the Party [sic], To Be Playing the Vinyls [sic]

Angels, harpsichords, house music: the usual.

I don't know anything about 1977, and the 61 website where it was posted isn't very helpful, but it's a great sample-based house track - I love the percussive element (smaller bells, the guitar) in certain songs that immediately conjures up the sounds of an over-packed party somewhere. (Hey, I know how lame that is - about as lame as my obsession with music that makes me think about the ocean or even (God) sounds like the ocean. Real 6 year old territory here...) Roxy Music's Love is the Drug, for example, or Clyde Alexander's Got to Get Your Love, re-posted above, which must be the prototype for the years of soulful house (some good, a lot not) that followed.

Axel Le Baron and Julien Kourbatoff's Darling Records' second release is Rico The Wizard, part of the label's grand scheme to bring us back to the glory days of French Touch. Nice.

Summer's over, so the only physical fitness solution for the easily-chilled nightclub-frequenting denizens of Montreal is a dancefloor workout. Thankfully it's not going to be difficult to dust off the dancing shoes & find a place to dip & sweat in the next couple of weeks, with visits by The Juan Maclean this Thursday and Italian DJ Bottin on September 26th. Bottin is going to be joined by a stellar line-up of Montreal's finest, including Andrew Ward & Matt Bain from Love! Disco Style and the Loose Joints guys. Exceptional, and a great opportunity to, in the patois of my French-Canadian countrymen, make the party (FB event ici).

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