Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stereo & Ellie

He lured her with promises of a magnificent Tower of Babel etching & then pounced

Stereo Burns

Songwriter Ellie Greenwich (Da Doo Ron Ron) passes away

In the book, you say it's okay to have sexual feelings for co-workers so long as those feelings aren't acted upon. The idea is, you don't want to get stuck in them [sexual feelings]. The reason people do the wrong thing is they get stuck. They don't feel their feelings, they tap it off and then think about it over and over again instead of resolving it. So I encourage my employees, when they have a thought like that, so that they don't act inappropriately, to go somewhere where they can feel their feelings, to go into a bathroom stall or a quiet office and shimmy a little bit. [Emphasis mine]
- "Office Therapy," Monday, August 31st, 2009 The Globe & Mail
If you thought management therapy was boring, in an interview with the Globe & Mail, anti-gossip crusader Sam Chapman shatters that myth by advocating a pro-active, pro-onanistic position. The guy's also a chump: "Author Sam Chapman’s personal experiences with gossip in the office (which are detailed in the book) have made him very aware of the destructive and sweeping power of gossip."

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